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Austin Airport Parking Rates


Austin Airport Short-Term Parking Rates


Parking Lot Time Rate
Short-Term Parking

24 Hours



Austin Airport Long-Term Parking Rates


Parking Lot Time Rate
Red Garage Hour
24 Hours
Blue Garage Hour
24 Hours
Economy Parking Hour
24 Hours
Parkway Parking 24 Hours $8.99



On-Site Parking Options at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport 


Austin Airport Short-Term Parking

Short-term parking at Austin Airport is conveniently located just a short walk away from the terminal. The Red Garage is adjacent to the Barbara Jordan Terminal and offers both hourly and daily parking options. If you are simply dropping off or picking up passengers at AUS Airport and need an hour or two to park your vehicle and be with your family or friends as they arrive or leave the airport, head over to Level 3 of the Red Garage for the most convenient short term parking, right next to the check-in counters.

The Red Garage is suitable for any short-stay parking and has the extra benefit of being covered and protected from the elements as well as having a good location next to the terminal. Parking reservations can be made for an extra booking fee if you need to guarantee a space for your vehicle. The general parking charges for the Red Garage are $5 per hour up to a daily maximum of $27 per day.


Austin Airport Long-Term Parking

For more lengthy trips and vacations, long-term parking at Austin-Bergstrom Airport is available on-site. The Blue Garage is located just across the street from Barbara Jordan Terminal. This new parking facility has modern amenities like wayfinding lights for reserved and available parking spaces, “Find Your Car” kiosks and an app with real-time availability updates for parking spots. Parking rates for the Blue Garage are $5 per hour and $17 per day.

If cost-effectiveness is your priority but you still want to park your vehicle within the airport site at AUS, the Economy parking lot is the option for you. Connected to the terminal via a shuttle service that picks up passengers every 15-20 minutes throughout the day, economy parking is a busy and popular option. The rate for economy parking at Austin Airport is $10 per day. 


South Terminal Parking at Austin Airport

At Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, the South Terminal, which was recently refurbished and modernized, is accessed separately from the Barbara Jordan Terminal. Shuttle service does link the two terminals for passengers with connecting flights, but if you are arriving in and out of The South Terminal, it’s better to use the dedicated parking facilities. The South Terminal is accessed by taking US 183 South to Burleson Road and following the signs. 

Parking options at The South Terminal are offered in Premium or Economy options. Parking at the Premium Lot is charged at $22 per day and is located directly across from the South Terminal building. The Economy Lot is only a short walk from the terminal, but there is a shuttle service available as well. The parking rate at this lot is $10 per day. 


Airport Parking in Austin with Parkway Parking

Are you looking for an affordable alternative to costly on-site airport parking? You can save money by booking airport parking close to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport with Parkway Parking. We have a great range of options to give you the best choice when it comes to airport parking in Austin. The hotels and private parking facilities that we partner with are trusted and established parking providers in the area, with plenty of parking spots available for your next vacation.

You could be paying under $9 per day for parking at one of our off-site parking options. That’s less than even the Economy parking lot on-site at Austin Airport! No more worrying about leaving extra time at the start of your journey to navigate confusing and busy airport parking garages and lots, with Parkway PArking your spot is guaranteed and reserved just for you. Simply make your booking online and you’ll receive a confirmation and easy arrival instructions for your chosen parking facility.

Customers that book their parking for Austin-Bergstrom Airport through Parkway Parking love the extra amenities that are available at some of the off-site airport parking facilities. These can include comfortable hotel waiting lounges with restrooms and free WiFi as well as shuttle bus or short taxi and rideshare services that make for a quick and easy trip straight to the airport departures hall. 



Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) Parking FAQs


Where is Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) located?

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) is located at 3600 Presidential Blvd, Austin, TX 78719. The South Terminal, which is accessed separately is located at 10000 Logistics Lane, Austin, TX 78719.


What are the rates for Austin-Bergstrom International Airport short-term parking?

Short-term parking at Austin-Bergstrom Airport (AUS) is offered at the Red Garage. The rates for short-term parking are $5 per hour up to a maximum of $27 per day.


What are the rates for Austin-Bergstrom International Airport long-term parking?

Long-term parking at Austin-Bergstrom Airport (AUS) can be found at the Blue Garage. The rates for parking at this facility are $5 per hour or $17 per day.


What are the rates for Austin-Bergstrom Airport economy parking?

Economy parking at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is charged at $10 per day. The economy lot is connected to the terminal building via a shuttle bus service.


Are there EV charging points at Austin-Bergstrom Airport?

Yes, there are EV charging points in the Blue Garage at Austin Airport. The stations are located on the Ground floor on rows A and B.  


Is there disabled parking at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport?

Yes, disabled parking spaces are available at all parking garages and lots at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. Vehicles displaying certain license plates issued to Disabled Veterans are offered complimentary parking at the Economy parking lot, or up to five days complimentary parking in the Blue and Red garages.


Is there free parking at Austin-Bergstrom Airport?

Yes, there is a Cell Phone Lot located at 2901 Spirit of Texas Drive at Austin-Bergstrom International (AUS) Airport. This new waiting lot and retail area have flight information displays, a fuel station and EV charging points, a convenience store, and take-out food options. Guests must remain with their vehicle at all times and not leave it unattended before proceeding to the designated pick-up point at the terminal.


Is there cheaper parking near Austin-Bergstrom International Airport?


Yes! Parkway Parking is the only option you need for finding cheap parking close to Austin-Bergstrom Airport. Choose from a great selection of off-site parking facilities and book a reserved parking spot for less than $9 per day.