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On-Site Parking Options at Omaha Eppley Airfield


Short Term Parking Options

There is a range of covered and uncovered short-term parking options for around 100,000 vehicles at Eppley Airfield Airport, including OMA Premier Parking, OMA Garage Parking, and OMA Economy Parking. Premier Parking, located on the Ground Level of the South Garage, is the closest to the terminal building and also the most expensive option with a daily rate of $23.50. In the South Garage, you will also find covered parking (levels 2-5), which costs $1.50 per hour and every 20 minutes thereafter with a daily maximum of $16, and uncovered rooftop parking for $10 a day. Both of these short-term parking options are within walking distance of the airport. 

The North Garage at Omaha Eppley Airport also has short-term parking spaces. The covered parking rates in this garage are $1.50 per hour and every 20 minutes thereafter (with a daily maximum of $16) and the uncovered rooftop parking has a flat daily rate of $10. You can reach the terminal building via an internal skywalk from the North Garage. 


Long Term Parking Options

The cheapest parking and best option for customers looking to park on-site at Eppley Airfield Airport for more than 24 hours is either the North Economy Parking or the South Economy Parking. There’s a flat daily parking rate of $6 at both of these lots, and passengers can board a free shuttle bus to reach the terminal. The South Economy parking has the most spaces and has canopies for covered parking on a first-come-first-serve basis. 


Other Parking Options at Eppley Airfield 

Eppley Airfield Airport also has free parking if you’re waiting to pick up passengers in the Cell Phone Waiting Lots, located to the north and south of the terminals. Disabled parking spaces are available in all of the airport’s parking garages and lots.  


Airport Parking in Omaha, Nebraska with Parkway Parking

On-site airport parking might be convenient, but it can also be expensive and you’re not always guaranteed to find a space. If you’re looking for parking that’s stress-free and much more economical, try Parkway Parking. We have private, well-maintained off-site parking facilities close to Eppley Airfield Airport (OMA) for as little as $11 per day. 

With Parkway Parking you can reserve your parking space in advance, giving you complete peace of mind that you’ll have somewhere safe and secure to leave your vehicle while you’re traveling from Nebraska. 

In many of our partner parking facilities, complimentary shuttle services to and from the airport terminals are included in the low price, and there are friendly staff on hand to help make your parking experience hassle-free.  


Omaha Airfield Parking Rates


Omaha Airfield Short-Term Parking Rates


Parking Lot Time Rate
South Garage

20 Minutes

North Garage 20 Minutes


Omaha Airfield Long-Term Parking Rates


Parking Lot Time Rate
Premier Parking 24 Hours $23.50
South Garage Rooftop 24 Hours $10
North Garage Rooftop 24 Hours $10
South Economy 24 Hours $6
North Economy 24 Hours $6
Parkway Parking 24 Hours $11



Eppley Airfield Airport (OMA) Parking FAQs


Where is Eppley Airfield Airport (OMA) located?

Eppley Airfield Airport is located four miles northeast of downtown Omaha at 4501 Abbott Drive, Omaha, NE 68110.


What are the rates for Eppley Airfield Airport short-term parking?

Short-term parking at Omaha Eppley Airport can be found in the South and North Garages. Premier Park has a daily flat rate of $23, while short-term covered parking in both garages costs $1.50 per 20 minutes, with a daily maximum of $16. Uncovered rooftop parking costs $10 per day. 


What are the rates for Eppley Airfield Airport long-term parking?

The rate for long-term parking at Eppley Airfield Airport is $6 per day. Long-term on-site parking can be found at the North and South Economy Parking lots. 


Are there EV charging points at Eppley Airfield Airport?

Yes, there are some EV charging points at Eppley Airfield Airport located on the 3rd floor of the new North Garage. 


Is there disabled parking at Eppley Airfield Airport?

Yes, disabled parking spaces are available in all parking garages at Eppley Airfield Airport. Accessible spaces can be reserved in advance. 


Does Eppley Airfield Airport have oversized vehicle parking?

Customers with oversized vehicles should head to the South Economy Parking lot. 


Is there free parking at Eppley Airfield Airport?

Yes, there are two Cell Phone Lots at Eppley Airfield Airport where you can park for free while you wait to pick up passengers. You have to stay with your vehicle while you wait in this area, but it’s a convenient place to wait before you collect guests curbside outside the terminal. 


Is there cheap parking near Eppley Airfield Airport?

Yes! If you book through Parkway Parking you can park close to Eppley Airfield Airport for as little as $11 per day in a secure hotel parking facility. Reserve your guaranteed parking spot well in advance and enjoy stress-free airport parking now.