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On-Site Parking Options at John Wayne Airport 


Short-Term Parking Options

John Wayne International Airport serves the Orange County area in California. If you are looking for short-term parking on-site at the airport, there are four dedicated parking facilities to choose from, all located conveniently next to the terminal building. The rates to park your vehicle in parking garages A1, A2, B2, and C are $2 per hour, up to a daily maximum rate of $20. If you know your stay at the airport will be quick, there are dedicated parking spots available for stays of less than 2 hours, found on the ground floor level of the parking facilities.

Another convenient option for parking at John Wayne International Airport is the Cell Phone Waiting Lot. Located on Campus Drive, near the corner of MacArthur Boulevard, this lot is designed for providing space for you to wait with your vehicle free of charge before picking up arriving guests at the airport terminal. 


Long-Term Parking Options

The parking garages located on-site at SNA airport are available for both short and long-term parking. When planning a longer trip from John Wayne International Airport, find a parking space that’s close to your terminal for a more convenient walk to the check-in desks. Parking facilities A1 and A1 are closest to Terminal A (for American, Delta, Sun Country, and WestJet), Parking B2 is located opposite Terminal B (for Alaska and United), and parking lot C is located right next to Terminal C (for Allegiant, Frontier, Southwest, and Spirit). The same parking rates apply in all the SNA on-site parking lots: $2 per hour, up to a daily maximum rate of $20.

You can pay for parking at John Wayne International Airport by cash, all major credit and debit cards, or Apple Pay. There is also another convenient option of going ticketless at the SNA parking lots. When entering the parking facility, insert a credit card into the ticket machine instead of pulling a ticket. At the end of your trip when you exit the parking lot, use the Express Exit Lane and insert the same credit card at the barrier, where the fee will be calculated and your credit card charged. 


More SNA Airport Parking Options

If you enjoy the convenience of valet parking at the airport, John Wayne International’s Curbside Valet service is available. Valet opening hours are from 5 am to 8 pm. You can find valet parking booths on the upper Departures level between Terminals A and B and between Terminals B and C. The rate for Curbside Valet parking at SNA Airport is $10 per hour and up to $30 daily.

Traveling to John Wayne International Airport with an oversized vehicle? There is parking available for you on the upper levels of Parking Structures A2 and B2, up to a maximum clearance of 9' 4". The upper level of lot C and level 1 of lot A2 also have access for vehicles no taller than 8’ 2”.


John Wayne Airport Parking Rates


Short-Term Parking Rates


Parking Lot Time Rate
Terminal Parking


Curbside Valet Parking Hour $10


Long-Term Parking Rates


Parking Lot Time Rate
Terminal Parking Per Day $20
Curbside Valet Parking Per Day $30
Parkway Parking Per Day $10



Airport Parking near John Wayne Airport with Parkway Parking

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Parkway Parking partners with trusted private parking facilities and established hotels located near SNA airport to provide you with a range of options when it comes to safe and secure short and long-term airport parking in Orange County. You will also get extra benefits like complimentary shuttle services, comfortable waiting areas, restrooms, and friendly on-site staff, all included in the price of your booking.

For around half the price of on-site airport parking, your can reserve a guaranteed parking space at a facility just minutes away from John Wayne Airport. Parkway Parking’s easy-to-use booking system and confirmation instructions take away all the stress of airport parking so you can get on with enjoying your trip.

John Wayne Airport Parking FAQs

Where is John Wayne Airport located?

John Wayne International Airport (SNA) is located at 18601 Airport Way, Santa Ana, CA 92707.

What are the rates for John Wayne Airport short-term parking?

The rates for short-term parking at John Wayne International Airport are $2 per hour.

What are the rates for John Wayne Airport long-term parking?

The rates for long-term parking at John Wayne International Airport are $20 per day.

What are the rates for valet parking at John Wayne Airport?

The rates for the Curbside Valet parking service at John Wayne International Airport are $10 per hour with a daily maximum of $30. 

Are there EV charging points at John Wayne Airport?

Yes, charging points for electric vehicles are available in all the parking lots at John Wayne International Airport. Located on Level 1 in each parking structure, there are over 50 charging stations available.

Is there disabled parking at John Wayne International Airport?

Yes, disabled parking bays are available at all airport parking facilities at John Wayne International Airport. Spaces are conveniently located close to the terminal building and are available to any guests displaying a valid Disabled Person Parking Placard or a license plate.

Is there free parking at John Wayne International Airport?

Yes, the Cell Phone Waiting Lot at John Wayne International (SNA) Airport on Campus Drive provides free parking provided you stay with your vehicle at all times, while you wait for arriving guests at the airport.

Can I reserve a parking spot near John Wayne International Airport? 

Yes! Booking with Parkway Parking is the easiest and most affordable way to reserve a guaranteed parking spot for airport parking at SNA John Wayne International Airport.