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About BUF Quality Inn

Quality Inn Buffalo Airport Parking (BUF)


Quality Inn Buffalo provides excellent service to Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BUF) at a fraction of the cost. The facility is open, staffed, and monitored 24-hours and offers hotel amenities to all guests, which sets Quality Inn apart from other off-site lot options. Complimentary airport shuttle on-demand every 30 minutes. The reservation includes parking only, no overnight stay required.



Runs approximately every 30 minutes.

On-demand, first-come, first served.

Shuttle service available with online reservations.

Return instructions will be provided at check-in.



On-demand Shuttle Service

Free Round-Trip Shuttle

Close to BUF Airport

Long Term Parking

Safe, Secure Location



Check in at front desk.

Present print your reservation before or upon arrival and prior to check in. Don't worry, Quality Inn has a business lounge available for all customer use so you can print onsite in the lobby.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your intended arrival time for BUF Airport.

Pick up instructions will be provided at check-in.


Your email confirmation and itinerary will be emailed upon completion of the reservation. If you need assistance booking or have questions about the facility. Please call 1-888-399-9267, and one of our parking concierges will assist you.

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What People are Saying

  • The Quality Inn is located very close to the Buffalo Airport. I made an online reservation with Parkway to park there for 2 weeks. They offer a better price than the hotel itself. The Quality Inn provides a shuttle to the airport. It felt like a safe choice because the car was parked right outside the hotel in the main lot, so there are employees and guests coming and going at all times. All was good upon my return. Thanks Parkway for a great experience and a less expensive alternative to airport parking.

    • Property: BUF Quality Inn
    • Customer: N McIntyre
  • Excellent service & staff desk & shuttle. Staff was so very helpful, polite & professional. Will definitely use this location when needed

    • Property: BUF Quality Inn
    • Customer: F Garner
  • Great service. Customer service was friendly and fast both taking us to the airport and picking us up upon return. Drop off was right at the door to departures and at our car on the return. Will definitely use this service again.

    • Property: BUF Quality Inn
    • Customer: J Lanphear
  • Directly across street from airport. Most convenient. Excellent shuttle service Large parking area.

    • Property: BUF Quality Inn
    • Customer: B Davie
  • Didn’t know this was even available before this reservation. So glad I did it. Good experience. Would totally do it again.

    • Property: BUF Quality Inn
    • Customer: L Myszka
  • We found this facility excellent to drop our car off at. Our shuttle to the airport was very fast and upon returning from our trip, the wait was very short. They sure made the commute very relaxing and affordable. Thanks, we'll be back

    • Property: BUF Quality Inn
    • Customer: V Bradley
  • good place to park, great shuttle times

    • Property: BUF Quality Inn
    • Customer: M Gray
  • The check in was a minute long and the shuttle just pulled up as we got there. The driver was friendly and helpful with our bags. When we got back I called and the shuttle was there within two minutes. The driver was nice and helpful with bags as well.

    • Property: BUF Quality Inn
    • Customer: H Pops
  • I had reservations about using any offsite long term airport parking, but have to say our experience here could not have been better. After a long trip home, the shuttle arrived to pick us up within 5 minutes of our call. We were in our car less than 15 minutes later. Excellent service - We will definitely park here again and highly recommend to friends and family!!

    • Property: BUF Quality Inn
    • Customer: C Pibb
  • Our wait time was a bit long (15 minutes) but then we realized other customers came after us so it was understandable for the company to make one trip and not 3. So no problem for us. Also the price was great and the website easy.

    • Property: BUF Quality Inn
    • Customer: L Oscar
  • The attendants were great, lot secure, shuttle was clean and nice, and everything went without a problem!

    • Property: BUF Quality Inn
    • Customer: T West
  • Worth every penny! Great facility!

    • Property: BUF Quality Inn
    • Customer: L Fisher
  • Everything went very well without any issues or problems. When I arrived to drop off my vehicle, the manager at the front desk was very polite, cooperative and handled the process very well. I waited 5 minutes for the shuttle...and the pickup was just as pleasant. I would recommend them again and will use their parking service.

    • Property: BUF Quality Inn
    • Customer: S PATTERSON

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