DIA Holiday Inn Express & Suites Denver Airport

Daily: $4.95

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About DIA Holiday Inn Express & Suites Denver Airport

DIA Holiday Inn Express & Suites Airport Parking - Denver International Airport


Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites is a great, convenient location for off-site airport parking. It offers affordable short term and long term parking for Denver International Airport. Holiday Inn provides free shuttle service approximately every 30 minutes. Additional amenities include wi-fi, clean restrooms, and comfortable lounges. Reservation includes parking only, no overnight stay required.



Shuttle service is available daily.

The shuttle is available 24/7.

Shuttle runs approximately every 30 minutes.

Return instructions will be provided at check-in.



On-demand Shuttle Service

Free Round-Trip Shuttle

Close to DIA Airport

Long Term Parking

Safe, Secure Location


Present your email confirmation to the attendant or have access via smart device to show attendant.

Additional passengers and/or luggage may incur additional fees.

Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your intended arrival time for DIA Airport.

Pick up instructions will be provided at check-in.



Your email confirmation and itinerary will be emailed upon completion of the reservation. If you need assistance booking or have questions about the facility. Please call 1-888-399-9267, and one of our parking concierges will assist you.

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G Carney
I want my experience unremarkable and it was. The last thing I want to worry about is parking. Everything went smoothly.

D Daves
I have parked at Holiday Inn numerous times. I love being able to book online and am pleased with the reasonable rate and service that is provided.

J Murphy
I had never used long term parking before and as a 70 year old lady I was very apprehensive especial since it was at a hotel. I was surprised & very pleased with the ease of this whole adventure. Believe me I will recommend your services. Thank you

F Stevens
Shuttle was there when we parked to take us to airport. When we landed, called the number & waited about 10 minutes. Check out was easy. Would use again.

R Shavy
What separated them from other parking venues I've been, was their email ahead of time with an easy to see linked phone number to call upon arrival once bags were claimed. They are less expensive than long term parking lot, and staff was courteous.

N Lu
Our flight was delayed and we still were happy with our experience.

As long as your service and staff remian as good as we encountered them, you've got our business!

We had never done this before and when we decided to fly out of Denver this was very appealing. We were very happy with this service.

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