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IAD Crowne Plaza Airport Parking

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Customer Reviews

Mike Goodwine Best location for IAD off site parking! I park here all the times and always given awesome and (quick) shuttle service!
Posted 2 years 4 months 2 days 13 hours ago
Sheldon Grasley The Crowns Plaza Airport Parking facility was easy to find and the hotel staff provided prompt and helpful assistance. The shuttle ran every 30 minutes so we had a reliable transfer to the airport. The shuttle also picked us up as scheduled at the airport on the 30 minutes. Let customers know that the signage at Dulles is very poor and it was difficult to find the hotel shuttle pick up place. We literally walked the entire length of the terminal and back to find the correct pick up spot. This is not a problem with the parking facility, it is a problem with the airport. Again, the parking facility at Crowne Plaza was excellent and a fair price.
Posted 2 years 5 months 23 days 7 hours ago
Pamela Moore Excellent Location & Friendly Front desk staff. When we arrived we gave the front desk person our reservation info and we were told what area location we could use to park our car. It was as easy as that. Also since the shuttle operates every 1/2 hour we arrived at 5:20am, parked the car and by 5:25 we were back in the lobby. At 5:30am on the Nose, the front desk person informed us that the shuttle was outside and ready to drive us to the airport. We were at the airport in less than 10 minutes. We DEFINITELY park there again.
Posted 2 years 6 months 5 days 11 hours ago
Harvey Hoffman The parking experience at Crowne Plaza was great. Very easy to use and the process was very smooth. I will definitely use them again.
Posted 2 years 7 months 15 days 2 hours ago
James Dixon IAD Crowne Plaza went out of their way to be helpful with the parking arrangements. We were completely satisfied. The shuttle drivers were especially gracious and helpful.
Posted 2 years 9 months 5 days 16 hours ago
Amy High Everything as I expected. Parked to fly out of Dulles airport for 10 days. Shuttle driver was prompt and courteous. Shuttle was clean. Know your parking spot # and driver will drop you off at your car.
Posted 2 years 9 months 24 days 13 hours ago
Marcia Swanson Having covered parking was great. Ride to Dulles was quick, and pick up was quick. I would use this place again.
Posted 2 years 10 months 3 days 9 hours ago
Raghu Kumarakrishnan It was pleasant experience without any delay. Got a covered garage parking which made me more comfortable.
Posted 2 years 10 months 13 days 12 hours ago
Dal Wade Very easy process. Once car was parked, Driver left on time for the most part heading to Airport. Probably best to leave for airport as early as possible in order to get to flight on time. Great experience and will be using again for my flights out of Dulles.
Posted 2 years 11 months 20 days 12 hours ago
Wilson R Dodge Jr On dropoff day, the hotel parking lot was full, and I was instructed to park behind the Bar Louie restaurant. On pickup day, after retrieving my checked bag from baggage claim, I called the phone number which had been provided to me. After many rings, finally someone picked up. I explained that I was ready to be picked up; however, this being my first time at Dulles, I asked where I should await the shuttle. I heard "outside door #6"; however, after waiting for more than 30 minutes "outside door #6," I called again for an update. Then he told me that I was at the wrong place - that I needed to be waiting on the lower level at sign #2H. I went there, and that was where all of the hotel shuttles were. I'll know better next time, but it was a little frustrating for me after having just spent 5 hours on a plane, to be given inadequate directions upon arrival. My car was in the same place where I had parked it, with no damage. I intend on using Parkway Parking again.
Posted 2 years 11 months 22 days 14 hours ago
Lewell Hayden Great facility. The car was just waiting for us to arrive.
Posted 2 years 11 months 24 days 1 hours ago
Joseph Galperin In overall that's good but not stress free parking. The parking garage directions must be posted on the printed sheet stating that the parking lot is actually located in KOHL'S garage across the street.
Posted 3 years 7 days 5 hours ago
Aaron Wright Excellent experience, very convenient for airport access.
Posted 3 years 11 days 16 hours ago
Eddie Edmond It was convenient, close to the airport and I did not have to wait for a shuttle. The commendation was very nice as well as the staff. I would use this location again.
Posted 3 years 16 days 17 hours ago
Djibril Kone Great service. Hotel personal ( drivers, front desk agents) are very helpful. I will surely come back.
Posted 3 years 23 days 3 hours ago
Anastasia Walsh This was a great experience. Easy to find, great price, and exceptional customer service by the parking lot attendants and shuttle drivers. I am recommending Parkway Parking to everyone I know.
Posted 3 years 25 days 13 hours ago
JoAnne Buehler Excellent Service! I highly recommend this location. I will use it again!
Posted 3 years 1 months 8 days 11 hours ago
David Decker IAD Crown plaza ParkwayParking is the right choice. Excellent service, safe environment and very easy!
Posted 3 years 1 months 17 days 9 hours ago
Vickie Hylton This service provided the best rate. The location was convenient to Dulles. Many parking spaces were under cover. I did not get one of those but my space was conveniently located. Given the opportunity, I would definitely use them again.
Posted 3 years 2 months 2 days 6 hours ago
Molly Allen Easy access to the airport and the shuttle arrived fast after a long flight. Will use this again and tell friends.
Posted 3 years 2 months 5 days 15 hours ago
Robert Goldstein No problem checking in and parking; however, when I called for pickup, I was told the driver would be by at the specified location within 10 minutes. That shuttle did not come despite repeated calls and assurances. From the time I was to get picked up until a later shuttle came, I waited 45 minutes. Not comforting nor comfortable around midnight and in near-freezing temperature, watching other shuttles made multiple trips.
Posted 3 years 2 months 20 days 12 hours ago
Richard Sciotti You need to pick up your ticket before you park. Otherwise, the process is just like remote airport parking but for a significantly lower price.
Posted 3 years 2 months 27 days 13 hours ago
Heather Meringolo We sadly left too late for the airport and had to park at the airport instead of at Crowne Plaza. It was just too bad that it was too late for us to cancel our reservation. And, by the fact I got this survey, you could not tell we didn't end up parking at Crowne Plaza after all.
Posted 3 years 3 months 4 days 2 hours ago
Sharon Dodson outstanding parking experience! Shuttle on time and very responsive.
Posted 3 years 3 months 5 days 3 hours ago
Lindsey Dants This is my family and I's first choice for airport parking!
Posted 3 years 3 months 12 days 12 hours ago

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