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Customer Reviews

Kimberly Wisesky Great location, I will be sure to recommend to all my friends and family.
Posted 1 years 10 months 22 days 8 hours ago
Shloma Spielman Great service, Not long waited for pick up, Best price. Will definitely use it again.
Posted 2 years 6 months 8 days 13 hours ago
Ellen Seltzer We arrived on a day that many people were going to the airport due to a plane cancellation the night before. Even though it was raining and people were concerned about making their flights, our car was taken quickly and paperwork completed quickly. There was a longer than usual wait for a shuttle and there were too many of us to fit, but another bus came shortly. All in all it was fine. On our return (it was very late) the man driving the shuttle was not helpful or communicative, but we got to the Radisson and our car was waiting and it was all good!
Posted 2 years 7 months 9 days 14 hours ago
Brenda Lipsky Everything was good as far as pickup to and from the airport. Drivers were polite and curious. Parking area was full of vehicles. I ended up with one small ding in my door. One thing that could be better is the shuttle SHOULD have a name painted on it. When we landed airport was busy due to pickup area being traffic jammed so we had to use the dropoff area for pickup. It ended up that we had a couple with a baby get on the shuttle with us because the driver did not ask to see the receipt until after we were driving back. They ordered a shuttle too that was all white with no markings on it.
Posted 2 years 7 months 18 days 15 hours ago
David Towne David Towne: car parked at 133-98 142nd St. Jamaica NY Flight cancelled; will arrive 3/17 at 2:40 pm REservation ED: 286350 David Towne
Posted 2 years 8 months 15 days 10 hours ago
Suprabha Nair We had a good experience with this parking.
Posted 2 years 9 months 13 days 8 hours ago
Tim Green This was an extremely easy way to park. Quick ride to terminal, and prompt pick-up upon arrival!
Posted 2 years 10 months 3 days 7 hours ago
David E KRAMER these guys were awesome. took me to JFK airport as soon as I arrived, and were very fast picking me up upon getting my luggage and calling them
Posted 2 years 11 months 29 days 9 hours ago
Deanna Moss Looks completely sketchy, but they were on time when we called for pick up.
Posted 3 years 1 months 28 days 6 hours ago
Thomas Rhettington My wife forgot her book bag in the back seat of the car. We had no idea what to do (and this was at 5:45am). We called the attendant and they immediately located and sent us his bag in the next shuttle. I was SOOO pleased with their "above and beyond" service. The wait to return was exactly 12 mins. I will definitely use them again.
Posted 3 years 2 months 21 days 11 hours ago
Herbie Snowlet Much easier than hiring a car or taking a shared ride. You can leave when you want and go directly to parking lot where they whisk you away right to your terminal. Reasonable rates and courteous service. They take your bags and load them into the car as well. Always happy I did this!
Posted 3 years 2 months 21 days 11 hours ago
Art Mekino We returned around a major holiday traffic at the airport crazy. Our driver was excellent. He was safe but kept us moving. He handled our baggage with care. Wait time returning was a little long, but that was because of traffic.
Posted 3 years 2 months 21 days 11 hours ago
Cherise Stella Barns We had our entire hockey team shuttled to the airport within 10 minutes, made us a priority to get us there and assist us with travel to the airport. On return, they had our vehicles ready and even through busy traffic, picked us up quickly.
Posted 3 years 2 months 21 days 11 hours ago
Raj Wahilla Having never flown out of JFK before (I live in RI), I was apprehensive about selecting a convenient, affordable, and reputable place to leave the car. Do I park in the airport parking lots or select a place such as this one?? I'm glad I decided to go with JFK Air Lot. Using Google Maps, they were easy to find. We were delivered to our terminal quickly. Upon return, the van arrived within 15 min (they make 2 or 3 pickups), and you arrive safely back to the parking lot with your vehicle waiting for you. The staff was courteous I would have no hesitation at using this service again.
Posted 3 years 2 months 21 days 11 hours ago
Kathy Reiner We forgot my son’s backpack in our car after being dropped off at the airport already and we called them and they were amazing and drove back to get it and then back to airport to get it to us and hey we’re quick, polite and we are all around happy with the whole experience.
Posted 3 years 2 months 21 days 12 hours ago
Tony Aguilar All in all this was a good parking experience. The check in process is all paper, and very manual and somewhat confusing. The attendant was excellent in helping getting all the papers done. Anyway, they came and got me no problem when i returned and car was great. The price is unbeatable so I would use this lot again. Hopefully experience will get the kinks out.
Posted 3 years 2 months 21 days 12 hours ago
Mari Johnston What I was looking for and needed was all there. Close to the airport, courteous attendants, very prompt pick up after we called, and my car was there in perfect condition as we had left it. I am very pleased and will use the service again.
Posted 3 years 2 months 21 days 12 hours ago
Manuel Decamera Arrived early in the am and only 1 man was working. We had to wait for the driver to return from a drop off,then open up the gate. He was very courteous and apologized for the wait. All good, just recommend more staff in the AM.
Posted 3 years 2 months 21 days 13 hours ago
Bethany Vanet We were a little apprehensive initially about the the lot. It is a hardpack gravel lot. Super close to airport but not airport lot pricing. Staff was great, did what they promised. Shuttle was minutes to terminal. Would definitely recommend and use again.
Posted 3 years 2 months 21 days 13 hours ago
Kai Frtiz Friendly staff, cheaper than a hubber and i have my own car. Plus, my car battery die and staff were able to give a jump start almost immediately, will come back again!!
Posted 3 years 2 months 21 days 13 hours ago
Stan Gundy Upon arrival at lot I was skeptical, but called the number provided and a very nice gentleman answered and arrived within 10-15 minutes. When we returned from our trip we called the number emailed to us and shuttle picked us up within 15 minutes. Overall very happy.
Posted 3 years 2 months 21 days 14 hours ago
Ana Drake We had a great experience. We left our vehicle for 3 weeks while we traveled internationally. When we return late in the evening the attendant responded quickly to our call and had us picked up within 15 mins. Would recommend this service to anyone needing to fly from JFK.
Posted 3 years 2 months 21 days 14 hours ago
James Higgins Wait time due to traffic issues at the airport passenger pick up area was about 20 minus, but driver kept us updated of his whereabouts, greatly appreciated!
Posted 3 years 3 months 13 days ago

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